The Shuttret is the ideal flush toilet that provides its own flush water and drainage system. It is a highly versatile flush toilet that can easily meet your needs.
Unlike conventional portable toilet, the Shuttret shuts out foul odors that characterize regular flush toilet with a sealed tank and flush water that works as a stopper.
The Shuttret pump is powerful enough that flushing and drainage are very efficient, regardless of the step or steep slope of the water line. In this way, the tank can be located in a remote place, and it is possible to install many toilet bowls for one tank with easy plumbing.
The Shuttret is very economical toilet that uses less than 1 liter of flush water.
Regular toilet use 16 to 20 liters of flush water on average, and by using our Shuttret, over 12,500 liters of water can be saved per person per year.