Since sewage (organic matter) is completely decomposed into water (H2O) and carbon dioxide (CO2) within 24 hours, there is no need for drainage or waste pump out. In this way, it greatly cuts down the cost and labor. This is the biodegradable solution for waste treatment for the future.
The Bio-disposer uses our exclusive Bio-Chip, and it is made of fine porous wood chip of conifer. When sewage is stirred with the Bio-Chips, active bacteria will be propagated. They will naturally reduce when sewage has been completely decomposed. This is highly hygienic and odorless since the Bio-Chips is effective in deodorizing waste.
The Bio-Chips are not required to be changed, just add a little amount about once for six months to maintain the efficiency.
*Note: The service life of Bio-Chip is subject to change with the usage condition and circumstance.
The Bio-Toilet is suitable for any locations. Only the electric power source is required. If there is no electricity hook up, we offer solar powered system. Since this is self-contained unit, it can be simply transported and placed without any special construction work.
The toilet cabin of Spin-Bio is blow molded high molecular weight polyethylene, and these double-layered panels ensure the highest durability and comfortableness. The ideal usage of Spin-Bio is 10 people per day (or 30 flushes per day). We also offer larger Bio unit, the Luxy Bio Toilet series, with a large tank installed. The ideal usages of these types are up to 142 people per day (or 426 flushes per day) with our Mag-Super 10.