The Recyclet sewage treatment system recycles wastewater into clean, odorless water for the flush toilets without water servicing or drainage facilities. Lavatories are installed at the front of the cabin and the Recyclet system is installed in the back for the Recyclet mobile unit.
This treatment system is environmentally friendly because it does not use any chemicals. In stead, Recyclet uses biotechnological method that is ecologically harmless.
Since this is the biodegradable solution for wastewater and reproduces clean flush water over and over again, there is no need for water servicing and drainage or waste pump out. In this way, there is no additional cost required for regular servicing and save the cost of water.
*Note: Major service is recommended for once a year to maintain high performance of the system. The service life is subject to change with the usage condition and circumstance.
Installation and transportation of the Recyclet mobile unit are very easy. The cabin has crane eyes on the roof and forklift slots on the bottom, so it can be simply placed on the ground without any special construction work.
Inside the cabin is well designed for clean up so that it can be washed up and is very hygienic. The toilet bowl is our Shuttret toilet that uses less than 1 liter of flush water and it is very economical. Therefore, it can be used safely and economically while helping to preserve the environment.