The sewage discharged from the Shuttret flushing system toilet is dehydrated by the Mag-Super 10 bio-processing unit and only the sludge with a little water goes down into the Bio-Tank. It will be blended with the Bio-Chips and decomposed efficiently into water (H2O) and carbonic acid gas within 24 hours. The separated sewage water is treated in each chamber of the Recyclet system. It goes through several processes without chemicals and the processed clean water is used as flush water over and over again.
The Recyclet sewage treatment system is environmentally friendly because it does not use any chemicals. It uses biotechnological method for the purification of water and is ecologically harmless. (See the Water Flow Diagram below)
1. Primary Floating Aeration Process
(Floating Aeration Tank, First Sedimentation Tank)
·Aeration of wastewater and skimming will stimulate the biological treatment.
·Remove Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), COD and reduces the amount of sludge.
2. Contact Filter Purification Process
(Contact Aeration Tank, Second Sedimentation Tank)
·Sludge is biodegraded and oxidized.
·Catchstone effectively filter and purify wastewater.
3. Ozone Reaction Process (Ozone Reaction Tank)
·Sterilization, Decolorization, Deodorization
4. Processed Clean Water (Flush Water Tank)
·Used as flush water