The cabin is spacious and has safety handrails, an easy door lock, a tap water button, all with consideration for the physically and visually impaired. It has a gentle and short slope, and it can be folded up. Also, the toilet bowl is our Shuttret that only needs a simple press of a button.
The slope is short and gentle because the tank is located outside the toilet, unlike conventional portable toilets where the tank is usually located underneath the unit.
The toilet bowl is our unique and hygienic Shuttret, which provides its own flush water and drainage system. The Shuttret's motor uses AC, but it can also operate on DC12V solar powered system when an electric power source is not available.
The cabin has crane eyes on the roof and forklift slots on the bottom, so it can be simply placed on the ground without any construction work. Our Handicap toilet unit can be used at almost any location such as event and concert venues to facilitate access of the disabled and elderly.
High-density polyurethane injected sandwich panel are excellent in insulating heat and sound, and improve air-conditioning efficiency. The unit is spacious and comfortable for all climates.